About OfficeReports

OfficeReports was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from TricTrac Survey System, which contained a reporting module generating tables and charts in PowerPoint and Excel. Being well aware that the vast majority of all surveys are reported in PowerPoint and Excel, we had the opportunity to reach a larger audience by adding this functionality directly into PowerPoint and Excel. From here things have developed, and now we have an ‘Analytics’ product to create cross-tabs and charts from raw data directly in Excel, and we have a ‘Link’ product which can link Excel ranges to native PowerPoint tables, charts and shapes. OfficeReports Analytics reads datasets from Excel, SPSS and Triple-S, and can create an ‘Analytics Report’ containing all the crosstabs you need in seconds. OfficeReports Link can be used for ad-hoc reports, but is especially useful for reports which needs to be made multiple times, like periodical reports and reports for employee/customer satisfaction surveys.

We will use this blog to describe how to solve specific reporting issues, and give tips about using OfficeReports, Excel and PowerPoint.

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